Our story

Samatapheap Khnom Organization (SKO) began in 2007 as a neutral, non-sectarian, non-political, non-racial and nonprofit organization.

Our objective is to improve the quality of life of families (especially women and children) in Cambodia by empowering and enabling them through the provision of home and center-based counseling, psycho-social support, education and referrals to other services. Working with our partners, we provide a multi-service platform, providing access to services, support and assistance.

At SKO, we believe that people have the capacity to make long-term sustainable change in their own lives. We provide them with the support to realize their own strengths and capabilities; and provide tools and support to assist them to improve their living conditions and increase their resilience for future challenges.

Our staff are skilled and passionate with years of experience working in the poorest areas of Cambodia. Our board come from a range of different backgrounds, providing support, guidance and expertise to the overall management of our NGO.

Child Protection Policy

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